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  • Posted By : 17th November 2015

Are you looking for car carrier services in Gurgaon to relocate your vehicle? It is important to choose well. Your vehicle is very precious, it has not only costed you a lot of money but you have maintained it with maximum care and love. Thus when you choose a car relocation service in Gurgaon then it should also show the same care towards your car. Packers and movers should also be able to ship your vehicle to its new home without any damage and hassle. So how do you go about finding a good and professional car packer and mover in Gurgaon? We present you with some easy tips on how to recognise a good car carrier service. Simply look out for these Advantage and you will land up with professional and trustworthy Car transportation Company in Gurgaon-

IBA Approval- Indian Banking Association recommends some good car packers and movers in Gurgaon and India to its employees. These companies are the ones which meet certain guidelines and are better than the others. Any Iba approved car relocation service will be the one to hire. So look out for IBA approval when seeking professional movers.

State of the Art Equipment, Trained Staff- Another mark of a professional vehicle shifting service in Gurgaon is its trained and professional logistics staff. Any company that doesn't have good manpower will not be able to handle the loading, unloading, packing and moving steps and further coordination properly. In addition to this, state of the art equipment for packing/loading/moving is also primary. If a company has the best quality loading/unloading equipment, uses best packing material and has access to a good network of closed trailers and other trucks then it is surely a good company for car relocation.

Good online presence- these days it is very important not only to have on ground services but also have a decent online presence. A car carrier service with a decent website which has all its quotes listed with the service details will be the one to contact. Apart from a good website, they might also be active on the social media where they would be sharing their brochure, feedback and services. Thus looking for their online presence is a good measure of their professionalism.

Check online reviews and Feedback- If you read the feedback that previous customers have left for these car relocation services in Gurgaon, you will be able to understand how good or bad they are. Just read online reviews on their site or search for them on google. The better the feedback, the higher the chances of you finding a profesional shifting company.

Insists on documentation and insurance- unprofessional companies will not go for proper paperwork before doing a car shifting service. On the other hand, a genuine packer mover service will want to go for full documentation where the scope of work and prices are properly mentioned. This avoids any problem/dispute in the fufture and also is a parameter to judge a good shifting company. Another method of evaluation is to check whether the company asks the client to choose insurance or no. your regular car insurance doesn’t cover transit damage, thus any good car shifting company will be concerned about yout vehicle and want insurance. If your car relocation  in Gurgaon doesn’t give you insurance then that means you are in the hands of a fraud company.