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  • Posted By : 24th April 2016

In a city like Bangalore where everyone is busy with their daily lives, many people prefer to seek a shifting company. Especially for Transport car in Bangalore, it is always preferred that a professional car packer mover does the job. Relocation can be a tedious task and it is important to seek help from someone for this process. That someone might be your friends or relatives or a professional mover and packer But even if you hire the services of a car shifting in Bangalore, there are a lot of things to be done to prepare your vehicle for moving. To make this easier for you, we have prepared a checklist of things to do before relocating your car from Bangalore-
Prepare your car- Before you hand over the vehicle to car packers movers, ensure that you prepare the car well.  Remove all valuables from the car, ensure that there is no leakage of oils or fuel, clear all papers/documents etc. Also ensure that no loose parts are hanging out. If there is anything loose, then those may get damaged during car shifting in Bangalore. Also ensure that there is very little petrol/diesel in the car when it is being shifted. Check for various items like stereo, car seat, antenna, speakers, charger etc in the car before you hand it over to the car mover’s packers.
Pack your bikes- If it is a bike that is being moved, then you also have to ensure that it is packed properly to avoid damage,. A good bike shifting company in Bangalore will ensure that your bike is packed and then moved. If it is unpacked in good packing material then if placed with other bikes and transported then there can be some damage during transportation. Thus it is imporant to pack a bike properly and ensure mirrors, handles etc are properly sealed to avoid entanglement in other things and suffering damage.
Choose a good mode of car Tansport- The decision on how to relocate your vehicle is also very important. Choose from the option of truck, enclosed trailer and open carriers depending on your vehicle relocation in Bangalore budget as well as vehicle type. If you have to move an expensive car then choose enclosed trailers as they guarantee safety of your vehicle. For other vehicle types an open carrier is also suitable for shifting.
Hiring a professional company- The first and foremost task on hand is to hire a good vehicle shifting in Bangalore who can guide you well. Once you hire such a company then it is time to fix a time, date and price for the car shifting. Do compare the costing and services of various Vehicle shifting companies in Bangalore before making your decision.
Doing the paperwork- Once you finalise the company that will do the car shifting in bangalore process for you, you should ensure that you do all necessary paperwork. Have them write down the cost, scope of service, insurance etc on their company letterhead and ensure everything is duely signed and stamped. This will help you in the future if there is a dispute or claims. The above checklist before relocating your car from Bangalore is just an indicative checklist of what all to do before you move.are you looking  looking for Car transporter in Bangalore,Car Shifting in Bangalore,Vehicle Shifting in bangalore,Car Relocation in Bangalore,Bike transport in bangalore,bike Shifting in bangalore