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  • Posted By : 24th April 2016

There are multiple ways of transporting your car from Mumbai to another city. All modes differ in price and ease of car shifting in mumbai. It depends on your choice what type of car Transport in Mumbai you choose keeping the cost in mind. Vehicle relocation in mumbai is a cumbersome and very important task. It involves moving your precious vehicle from one place to another which can sometimes mean relocating a vehicle across two cities.
For those who are unaware of the type of auto shipping options available to transport your car bike from Mumbai to another city then here are your options-

1.Open Trailers-Open Trailers are one of the most common modes of vehicle shifting in Mumbai. These are huge trailers where multiple vehicles can be parked and are moved together. While this is an economical car shifting in Mumbai carrier method but there is exposure of rain, dust etc to the car. The car is also more to any damage caused by miscreants or due to stone etc. This is generally preferred by people when they wish to choose economical car transport from Mumbai.
2.Trucks- Trucks are one of the most commonly used modes of car bike tansport in mumbai. This mode isn’t preferred for most Vehicle shifting in Mumbai as this has some restrictions. Not only is it size wise restrictive but also with regard to the distance it can cover. Trucks aren’t considered a very safe mode of auto shipping for long distances. Trucks are though very cost effective mode for bike shifting from Mumbai to anywhere in the country.
3.Enclosed Car Carrier- One of the safest mode of car relocation in Mumbai to another city is enclosed carrier. These are big trucks which have enclosed area in which the car can be safely trasnported. An enclosed carrier service protects your car from environmental conditions like rain, dust etc. Car bike Transport through enclosed carriers also helps in reducing damage due to stones or other scratches. It also faciliates safety against theft. Enclosed carriers are a very safe mode of auto shipping from Mumbai but is an expensive mode. It costs more if you choose enclosed carriers from a car relocation in Mumbai than any other mode of auto shipping. Thus it is generally preferred when an expensive car has to be moved. Depending on your vehicle type, budget and place of vehicle relocation, you can choose your mode of car transport .are you looking: Car Transportation  in Delhi, Car Transportation in Mumbai,Car Transportation in Gurgaon,Car Transportation in Pune,Car Transportation in Noida,Car Transportation in Ghaziabad